Despite continuing ageist beliefs that sexuality is a privilege designed only for the young and physically healthy, research continues to indicate that the majority of older adults maintain interest in sexuality and may engage in fulfilling sexual behaviour well into their last decade of life.

Sex And Aging

Sex is not a privilege designed solely for the young and physically healthy. Research clearly shows that many older adults are interested in remaining sexually active, well into their last decade of life.

Whilst the past ten years has seen the sexual environment for older adults change dramatically (social media, online dating, increasing rates of divorce and remarriage, online access to pornography, sex devices, and sexual enhancement medications such as Viagra, and so forth).

Women have become more sexually assertive. The internet has made dating and the establishment of new sexual relationships easier than ever before. Older couples are experimenting with different forms of sexual expression. (Most would be surprised to learn that amongst many Western populations, sexually transmitted diseases amongst adults over 50 is rising at a faster rate than those under the age of 25.)

A major problem however is that the vast majority of health professionals are failing to keep up with changes to the sexual landscape for men and women over 50. Few understand how expected and normal physical changes that can occur within the context of both male and female aging will affect sexual functioning. Even fewer are able to adequately assist patients successfully adjust sexually and emotionally in the presence of worsening chronic illness and other long term medical problems. No medication on earth can assist patients facing such issues.

Our clinical experience shows however that so longer and the heart and mind are willing, we can often help patients develop effective ways of maintaining a vital, intimate and satisfying sex life. Our sex therapy services have helped many couples to adjust sexually and positive cope with issues such as:

  • Menopause. Lack of sexual desire, vaginal dryness and pain.
  • Heart disease, arthritis, incontinence, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and Dementia.
  • Differing forms of cancer including breast and gynaecological cancers.
  • Prostate cancer.
  • Erectile dysfunction and low testosterone conditions.

Our team of sexual health physicians has extensive experience in helping men and their partners to resolve sexual problems relating to matters such as those listed above.

In helping you, we will often start with an informal conversation aimed at tying to understand your concerns and problems. We will then assemble a treatment plan specifically designed to help alleviate you (and your partner) of sexual and/or relationship issues as quickly, and as effectively as possible.

Our services are friendly, highly respectful, as well as being sensitive to individual values and cultural backgrounds. Discussions between patients (including those within couples) are conducted within the highest levels of confidentiality.