It’s no secret that sexual difficulties tend to increase as men age. The good news is that there are now several treatments and devices that can help you improve your sexual functioning and sex life. So long as they are used correctly that is…
Without expert advice from a professional sex therapist, the average treatment user will not only struggle to get good results, and can also be at risk of causing themselves long term physical and sexual harm.

Treatments For Sexual Recovery

It’s no secret that sexual difficulties (including erection problems) tend to increase as men age, however problems can occur for a number of other reasons: Conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stress, depression, low testosterone, cardiovascular disease. Add to the mix the negative effects of smoking, alcohol and some medications, plus any sexual problems your partner may be having…

The good news is that there are now several treatments and devices that can significantly help you improve your erectile functioning and your sex life.

So why do I need sex therapist help in this area?

As sexual health professionals and practitioners, from time to time, our patients report being prescribed treatment plans by non-sexual health professionals (such as urologists, gynaecologists and general practitioners) that required the use of certain devices and medications aimed at promoting sexual health and adjustment.

What we found was that patients were often buying the wrong equipment; poorly constructed, and frequently inappropriate for their intended use. The result… frustration leading to expensive purchases that never get used.

Sexual devices such as vacuum pumps, penile vibration devices and traction devices (for conditions such as Peyronies disease) require specialist advice both prior to their use and if used within sexual practices. Without such advice, the average user not only will struggle to get good results, but also risks physical harm to their genitals.

Also, when it comes to medication, there are also a multitude of reason treatments why treatments don’t always work as planned. Treatment directions from doctors are often vague or incomplete. For example, a huge number of men take medications (like Viagra) incorrectly and as a result get extremely frustrated when they experience poor to negligible results. Some basic counselling and instruction can often assist greatly in helping men successfully overcome such challenges.

How a ManFocus Clinic sex therapist can help you to select and use the right treatment for sex or erectile problems

Here at the ManFocus Clinic, we specialise in helping men and their partners choose and use the right treatment and equipment for all types of sexual and erectile problems.

All devices that we recommend are constructed using quality medical grade materials and are “Phthalate free”. (Phthalates that have been linked to the development of diabetes and infertility as well as posing health risks to women are pregnant or breastfeeding.) All lubricants that we prescribe have been dermatologically tested, free of synthetic colours and scents and are approved for use with latex condoms.

Here at the ManFocus Clinic, we take sexual devices and treatments extremely seriously. Visit our Online Stores tab for reputable suppliers of medical grade treatments and devices.